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 The Monster In My Pocket Collectors Archive
Created by Wolfgang Schloegl ( E-Mail )

Dear MIMP collectors: With this page I created already in the 90s one of the first MIMP pages on the Internet. In 2015 I quit collecting MIMP so this page will now not longer be maintained. I made a final update to some pages and the site will still stay as reference. Happy collecting, Wolfgang (January 2016)

Monster In My Pocket (M.I.M.P.) figures were issued by Matchbox from 1990. These came in different series. Some series were not sold in the stores but were premiums for other products, mainly for cereals or the Nintendo M.I.M.P. Game. Especially the rareness of the Series 3 and the later series M.I.M.P. figures makes collecting M.I.M.P. exciting for collectors.

As far as variations go, there are several Series 1 figures that were issued in exclusive colors with the Board Game or the Monster Clash. Another variation can be distinguished with either the letter A or B under a feet of the figures. Probably this indicates the factory in which the figures were produced. el_EdGaR reported that there are also figures with a C and most likely also with an F. Also Series 4 figures came in two types of plastic, one softer and one harder. The harder ones are more uncommon and so far only confirmed for the non glowing in the dark colors.

Most collectors are looking for the figures, but there is also other collectible M.I.M.P. merchandising. On this page you'll find information about all these products.

Here are the figures series:

Series 1 #1-48, 1990

Series 1 Secret Monster

Series 2 #49-72

Series 3 #73-81, issued as premiums, #82-96 unreleased

Series 4 #97-120, Super Scary

Series 5 #121-144, Super Creepies 1992

Series 6 #145-168, Dinosaurs 1993

Series 6 b #145-168 Secret Skeleton Dinosaurs 1994

Series 7 #169-184 Space Aliens 1994

Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket W1-W9 were cereal premiums in the UK, W10-42 were sold in the UK in 1995

Following MIMP were not longer made by Matchbox but by Vivid Imaginations:

Monster Sport Stars In My Pocket were cereal premiums in the UK in 1996

Monster Ninja Warriors In My Pocket were sold in the UK and in Scandinavia in 1996

Late Monster In My Pocket Dinosaurs released in the UK, not much known yet

Here are the M.I.M.P. promotions:

Nabisco Frosted Wheat Squares box and advertising, Series 1 figures

Franco American Spaghettios advertising, Series 2 figures

Spaghettios Inflatabel Monster

Nabisco Shreddies, Series 3 figures #73-80

Big Boy Secret Monster Pack, Series 3 figures #?, 1992

Nintendo M.I.M.P. Game, Series 3 figure #81

Kidmark Entertainment M.I.M.P. Video, Series 4 figure

Kellogg's Frosties, 1995 UK, Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket

Kellogg's Frosties box front and back, 1996 UK, Monster Sport Stars In My Pocket

Here comes the advertising:

Ad 1 for Series 1 from the back-cover of the comics #1 and #2

Ad 2 for the 1992 Big Boy's Halloween Special

Ad 3 from the back of a Series 4 12-pack

Here come the merchandising and the comics:

The Monster in My Pocket Collector's Club items, great info by Scott Andrew Hutchins on his M.I.M.P. site

Poster with all Series 1 figures (US)

Poster with all Series 1 figures (Europe)

Series 1 Monster Mountain Wall Display Case

Series 1 Milk Caps or Pogs

Monster In My Pocket Cauldron with Series 2 figures and other items

Monster Pouch

Lunchbox and Thermos, Aladdin 1991

Kites, hi-flier 1991

Pyjamas (no picture/info yet)

Super Scary Haunted House Playset, probably never released.

Monster Clash Action Game and Playset with 12 Series 1 figures

Monster In My Pocket Board Game (Decipher) with four Series 1 figures in exclusive colors

Monster In My Pocket Italian Board Game "Notte Senza Luna" with eight Series 1 figures in Italian exclusive colors

Return of the Dinosaurs Game (Spear's, 1993) with four MIMP Dinosaurs

Trading Cards, Series 1 monsters, 48 cards, 24 stickers

Sticker Album, Series 1 monsters, from Germany

M.I.M.P. Pins, MFG OSP Publishing, Inc.

Comic #1

Comic #2

Comic #3

Comic #4

M.I.M.P. Monster Rock, Music Cassette with Series 1 figure

M.I.M.P. Video

M.I.M.P. Video with free Series 4 figure offer

M.I.M.P. Battle Cards card game

Monster In My Pocket Annual, Marvel Comics Ltd., 1992

M.I.M.P. Coloring Books from Xenos/Germany

M.I.M.P. Book from Xenos/Germany

Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket Annual 1996 England

Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket Stickers Book England

M.I.M.P. Howlers

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