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The guys from W1 to W9 were availabel as cereal premium with Kellogg's Frosties in 1995 in the UK. These Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket were produced by Vivid Imaginations, an English company.

Wrestlers W10 to W42 were produced for Matchbox and were sold in the UK in toy stores like Toys R Us. Jayne Way scanned a single-pack of these. As you can see below there are also some color variations of the Matchbox figures. We call the colors on the trading cards the original colors, others are color variants. W43, W44 and W45 build the Physio-Terrorist Set, a contest prize.

There are also POGs for W10 to W42 and "Grapple Cards" which were in the single-packs. Also there was a promotion to obtain a special offer tag-team. Info again by Jayne: To get the tag-team wrestlers you had to save tokens from the packets and send away for the tagteam and I think that these ones were the only ones on offer as they were described as exclusive in the monster wrestler in my pocket comic.

Accessory and packs for M.W.I.M.P. from an ad in the M.W.I.M.P Annual:

Monster Wrestlers Collection 4 Pack
Monster Wrestling Training Set
Monster Wrestlers Physio-Terrorist Set (a medical back-up team) W43, W44, W45
Monster Wrestlers Grappling Ring
Monster Wrestlers Champion Set (prizewinners' podium, 32 Grapple cards, Grapple Billboard, Champions cup)

Some different M.W.I.M.P. figures were available as a White Castle promotion.

Kellogg's Frosties box back, 1995 UK, Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket


W1, 50P Iron Mighty
W2, 50P Jester Minute
W3, 75P Brad the Barbarian
W4, 100P Texas Turbo
W5, 75P Shark Bite
W6, 100P Mane Man
W7, 75P Cross Bones
W8, 50P Frank the Stone
W9, 100P Tony the Coach
W10, 100P Double Header
W11, 25P Hog Stomper
W12, 75P Nuclear Ninja
W13, 25P Simian Smasher
W14, 100P Howlin' Prowlin' Werewolf
W15, 50P Sabretooth
W16, 25P Toad Trasher
W17, 25P Gizzard the Lizard
W18, 75P Piranha the Piledriver
W19, 25P Grunt
W20, 50P One Eyed Jack
W21, 25P Gargoyle
W22, 25P Bulldog Drumhead
W23, 100P Bloodsucker the Vampire
W24, 25P Stickleback
W25, 25P Crusher Cussak
W26, 100P Steel Slammer
W27, 50P General Mayhem
W28, 50P Man 'O' Arms
W29, 25P Goonie
W30, 75P Julio the Mauler
W31, 75P Chain Gang Chomper
W32, 75P The Executioner
W33, 30P Congo King
W34, 50P Bully Beef
W35, 75P Smasher Basher
W36, 25P Headbanger
W37, 50P Sgt. Strangle
W38, 0P Coach Harry Headlock
W39, 0P Referee 'Double' Nelson
W40, 0P Referee 'Final' Countdown
W41, 25P
W42, 50P Pin Head
W43, ?P Ortho the Ogre
W44, 75P Deadly Night Nurse
W45, ?P Dr. Suture Self

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