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For a limited time only, you can collect proof of purchase points and redeem them for totally cool Fistful of Aliens stuff. (These items are not available in stores.)

Capture Jangutz Khan™

Wanted for:
Organizing armies of enslaved Aliens for the purpose of war, and controlling Mutants to do his bidding. Creating war and havoc between Alien Nations. Mutating and cloning himself throughout the galaxy.

Extremely dangerous, Khan is a mutant by-product of scientific endeavors gone wrong. Created to ensure peace, he quickly degenerated and became the reigning evil warlord of the galaxy.

You have been elected as an Intergalactic Bounty Hunter. Go on multiple missions to collect Jangutz Khan points and work your way up the ranks. Collect enough Jangutz Khan points and you can capture Jangutz Khan yourself - forever!


3 Jangutz Khan Points - Master Player

You have collected 3 Points and are considered a Master Player due to the number of aliens and mutants in your possession.
You can redeem your points for an
ALIEN MINI PACK. This pouch contains 2 FOA figures (aliens or mutants), and a special alien trading card. You may be lucky and get a figure that is retired from service and no longer available. This would be a boon to your collection!
Or . . . keep collecting points for other FOA Collectibles.

6 Jangutz Khan Points - SciRoid Master

You have collected 6 Points and are considered a SciRoid Master as you negotiate battles wisely.
You can redeem your points for a
CAPTURE JANGUTZ KHAN POSTER. This poster features a four color Jangutz Khan coming at you with battling aliens below. The poster border shows ALL aliens, mutants, and RAMMs that will be available throughout 1998.
Or . . . keep collecting for even better Collectibles!




10 Jangutz Khan Points - Elite Collector Club

You have collected 10 Points and are considered part of the Elite for you have learned much in your contacts with the alien species.
You can redeem your points for a
SPECIAL EDITION RAMM SET. You get 3 Special Radiated Alien Metallic Mutants that cannot be found anywhere else in the galaxy: Rammstash, Rammworm and Rammerface. They come with their own collector card in a special carrying case.
Or . . . keep collecting to get the best of all - Jangutz Khan!

Jangutz Khan

16 Jangutz Khan Points - Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

You have collected 16 Points and will be forever honored as an Intergalactic Bounty Hunter for the Capture of Jangutz Khan!
You can redeem your points for a
BOUNTY HUNTER PACK. You get a Limited Edition metal die-cast, hand painted Jangutz Khan figure with the ultimate in battling strength. He cannot be purchased anywhere.
He comes with a collector card in a special display case. You also get a Jangutz Khan T-shirt that shows everyone your status. Solid black shirt with Bounty Hunter emblem on the front and Jangutz Khan coming out on the back.


1. You must use the official order form to order your official Fistful Of Aliens Collectibles.
2. You collect points from specially marked Fistful of Aliens products.
3. You must have the specified number of points from any combination of Fistful of Aliens Packages: Battle Packs (1), Space Pod Packs (2), War Packs (3), or the SciRoid Battleship Playset (6).
4. Neatly print your name, age, address and telephone number in the blanks indicated on the order form.
5. Calculate the Total Points Required for each item you are ordering.
6. Calculate the Total Shipping and Handling (S&H) required for the quantity of each item ordered.
7. Add up the Total Quantity of Items ordered, Total Points sent in, and Total S&H included.
8. All funds sent must be U.S. funds only, check or money order payable to JANGUTZ KHAN POINTS.
9. Enclose all your collected JANGUTZ KHAN points, your fully completed official order form and your
check or money order in the amount of your Total S&H.
10. Promotion ends March 30, 1999 or when supplies are exhausted. All orders must be sent in before April 30, 1999.
11. Mail to: Jangutz Khan Points, P.O. Box 243, Greenville, SC 29602-0243.
12. All items will be shipped within 8 weeks from receipt of your request. Items may be shipped separately.


CATALOGS: Additional Jangutz Khan Points Catalogs are available by sending a self addressed, stamped envelope to CAPTURE JANGUTZ KHAN CATALOG, P.O. Box 9078, Pleasanton, CA 94566-9916. Only one catalog per request. Requests for catalogs will be accepted through March 1, 1999 or while supplies last, whichever occurs first.
POINTS: Jangutz Khan Points can be collected by purchasing at retail, specially marked Fistful Of Aliens packages, where available. Only original Jangutz Khan printed points are redeemable (no photocopies or reproductions). No other points are eligible. NO ORDERS OVER 40 JANGUTZ KHAN POINTS COLLECTED CAN BE REDEEMED PER ORDER. Orders exceeding the 40 point maximum will be returned and must be resubmitted within the 40 point maximum. Points cannot be sold, redeemed for cash, transferred to any other person(s), or used for any other purpose aside from the redemption of merchandise specifically listed on the Catalog Order Form. Any extra or unused points submitted will not be returned. Points are subject to verification. Only original and authentic Jangutz Khan Points are valid and will be accepted. Any Jangutz Khan points determined to be reproduced, defaced, altered, tampered with, forged, transferred, stolen, unauthorized or illegible will be voided. The decisions of YES! Entertainment in all aspects of this promotion are final and binding. All Jangutz Khan Points expire April 30, 1999.
ORDERS: Promotion ends March 30, 1999 or when supplies are exhausted. All orders must be received before April 30, 1999. No mechanical reproduction of the order form will be accepted. Orders will not be eligible if they are incomplete, fail to conform to these rules, or contain less than the correct, required amount of collected Jangutz Khan Points or payment. YES! Entertainment reserves the right to limit and not fulfill any order(s) containing more than 10 items per name and/or household for the duration of the program.
PAYMENT: Only checks or money orders payable to JANGUTZ KHAN POINTS will be accepted. DO NOT SEND CASH. No responsibility is assumed for lost cash or points. Shipping and handling payment is required for all items.
SHIPPING: We must have your ZIP CODE to mail the order. U.S. Military overseas, send APO or FPO address. Ensure correct postage for mailing of redemption request. Orders will not be shipped outside of the U.S. YES! Entertainment is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, or incomplete orders or postage due, damaged or separated mail. Allow up to 8 weeks from receipt of properly submitted order for delivery of items. Items may ship separately.
OFFER: This offer is good in the United States, its territories and Puerto Rico, except where prohibited, licensed, restricted, or taxed. YES! Entertainment collectible premiums are not for resale. This offer may not be published in any refunding magazine or elsewhere without YES! Entertainment permission.

For ages 5 & up


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