Alien Space Pod™

Transport your army to battle in the Alien Space Pod. Hide your strategy from your opponent with the barrier shields, so only you know which fighter is on the Fight Deck. Fling figures into battle or store them inside. Portable and docks into the SciRoid Battleship to load and unload it's passengers.




Mutants Rebel
The SciRoids tried to bring peace by engineering an advanced creation in the VirtLabs. They designed a glorious Mutant named Jangutz Khan. He was the greatest Warlord leader, and he kept the peace - for a while. But he became more aggressive over time. To maintain control, the Elders sent the Mutants away in cargo ships to a separate solar system. This exiling only enraged Jangutz Khan more and changed his mission of war to a mission of revenge. He captured cargo ships as they arrived and retooled them as Alien Space Pods of war. Armies of enslaved Aliens filled the Transport Areas of the Pods, each army led by a Mutant Warlord. They returned to their planets to destroy all Aliens who dared to defy Khan. Strong Barrier shields prevented the recapture of the Space Pods. The unsuspecting, captured warriors were placed in a Fight deck one at a time. A secret Release Hatch flung them into battle where they could do nothing but fight. Over time, the Mutants not only ruled over the Aliens, but started warring with each other. All seemed lost except for the hope in a long-forgotten prophecy. There was to be an Elemental, a being of peace, but would he ever arrive . . .

For ages 5 & up


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