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 The Transformers Decoys Collectors Archive
Created by Wolfgang Schloegl

Decoys are little rubber guys which came with the 1986 Transformers toys. Decoys are numbered on the back. So they can be identified quite easiely. Actually they are quite rare. They can be found on Transformers shows though. 52 Decoys exist as US release. If you have a decoy that has a "wrong" number, especially one over 52, then you have a Japanese decoy. The Japanese decoys used the sum of the character's techspecs scores instead of an arbitrary listing number.

Note that with 52 of them, it's possible to do a deck of playing cards with the decoy'ed TFs. And that's exactly what happened in the Japanese releases, although several Dinobots had to be used in the Decepticon suits to make the numbers work. Laserbeak/Buzzsaw is not available in the US as a decoy, but is in Japan.

Decoys came unpainted. All exist in red. Rare Decoys are higher-number decepticon Decoys (32-52). Those came in red and purple where the red ones were 'Con decoys and are more rare.

In Japan there were also Decoys colored in a creamy-orange. There exist boxed sets from 1986, released only in Japan, with 11 Decoys and an odd weapon. They are packed randomly and sometimes you can get repeats in one pack up to 3 or 4 times. Each figure has its own window in the long, flat box. Beside of the color they are the same as the US version molds but are 1.5 x normal size. The price for such a box on the US collectors market is in the $50-70 range.

Here is a list of all 52 US-release Decoys. I got this and most of my information from Dave Van Domelen's excellent Decoy page.

01) Grimlock
02) Snarl
03) Swoop
04) Sludge
05) Slag
06) Ratchet
07) Ironhide
08) Smokescreen
09) Grapple
10) Trailbreaker
11) Sunstreaker
12) Skids
13) Jazz
14) Inferno
15) Tracks
16) Red Alert
17) Hound
18) Sideswipe
19) Prowl
20) Mirage
21) Hoist
22) Wheeljack
23) Bluestreak
24) Brawn
25) Windcharger
26) Bumblebee
27) Huffer
28) Cliffjumper
29) Blaster
30) Perceptor
31) Optimus Prime
32) Megatron
33) Skywarp
34) Thundercracker
35) Starscream
36) Soundwave
37) Blitzwing
38) Astrotrain
39) Kickback
40) Shrapnel
41) Bombshell
42) Hook
43) Scavenger
44) Bonecrusher
45) Long Haul
46) Mixmaster
47) Scrapper
48) Devastator
49) Ravage
50) Frenzy
51) Shockwave
52) Reflector

Here is an image with all Decoys I have access to in the moment.
I'll complete it as soon as possible. I'll also buy Decoys I still need.
Klick to enlarge. (124k)

The Transformers Decoys Description Slip

This was packed with the Decoys to describe and list them. These scans are again from Dave Van Domelen.

The front shows a comic strip (they refer to Ratchet as First Aid).
Klick to enlarge. (80k)

The back lists the Decoys.
Klick to enlarge. (40k)


There's a number of little rubbery robots available in the same general size range as the Decoys. Dave Van Domelen calls them Pseudo-Decoys. These exist unpainted and painted. Dave lists "Cheapo 4/$1 plastic robots" and the Transformers Train Set "Cybertronians". There are also Decoy bootlegs out there.

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