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 The Mini Boglins Collectors Archive
Created by Wolfgang Schloegl

"Long ago the Boglins used to live in the Swamp but when the swamp dried up the Boglins had to find a new place to live."

Boglins were hand puppet monsters released by Mattel in the late 80s. Actually these had two sizes, 6-7" and 4", and came individually in boxes with a barred window. Check the related links for these. Also there were Mini Boglins, Slime Boglins, Action Boglins, Hairy Boglins, and others. The Slime Boglins have about the same size as the Mini Boglins. There were Splurge, Splash, Splutter, and Splodge. They came inside a small replica toilet which was filled with slime.

This page covers only the so called "Mini Boglins" which were released by Ideal from 1991 to 1994. Mini Boglins were sold in assorted packs, here are some:

Mini Boglins carded 3-pack of Medievals
Mini Boglins boxed 5-pack
Mini Boglins boxed 20-pack

Mini Boglins boxed 5-pack, Italian

Mini Boglins boxed 10-pack, Italian

The Mini Boglins are organized in tribes. In 1991 there were 6 tribes with 6 members each: a chief and 5 ordinary tribe members. The figures had six regular colors: yellow, blue, brown, gray, light orange, olive green. Chiefs could also be silver, which made them more rare. Some figures also came all in black, which made them pathfinders "that can move around at night without being seen". The 1991 tribes were:

The Clumsies
The Freaks
The Greedies
The Jokers
The Rude Dudes
The Tough Guys

In 1992 two tribes were added to a total of 8. They had 7 members each. A scout was added to the the existing tribes. Scouts are rare. The two new tribes were (no really sure yet):

The Army Guys
The Disgustings

In 1994 three tribes were added to a total of 11. These had 8 members each: a chief, a scout, a spy, a messenger, and 4 ordinary tribe members. The messenger was a new figure to an existing tribe, a former member became the spy. Maybe these were the former pathfinders as they are also black. Messengers and spys are rare. New tribes were:

The Medievals
The Prehistorics
The Samurai

Even more tribes are:

The Perilous Pranksters (new tribe name for The Jokers)
The Rare Dudes, Series 1 (with members from other tribes)
The Cool Dudes (Kellogg's Frosties Premiums)

New colors were also added from 1992 to 1994. Some are: red, dark orange, purple, gold, and neon colors with The Samurai. The difference between orange and dark orange is not big. Part of the figures has secret labels that become visible when the boglins are heated. The labels become invisible again when the figures cool off. These labels are "Secret Battle Codes" and are used to play the Boglins battle. This is described in the "The Secret Code Booklet" that came with the figures.

Check the pictures and tables below for the tribes and the names of their members.

Thanks to Dr. Jim Valentino from the International Boglin Reserve Park (see related links) for the scans of the booklet. Also thanks to Yowie Maggie for lots of usefull information (see related links).

The Clumsies
They almost didn't make it to their new home in the chimney. Chief Trog finally managed to get them there against all odds.
Chief TrogDoes DIY: Damage-It-Yourself
Scout TrekTerrible with the telescope & clumsy with the compass.
Spy TongToo dumb for words.
Messenger TalkIs always tied up on the phone.
TangWill never loose his bottle.
TellIs often used for target practice.
TrapA former percussion player.
TrungOften gets an eyeful at mealtimes.
TrubTakes ear piercing too far.
TatBurns the candle at both ends.

The Freaks
They are a rag-bag collection of odd-balls who live down the drain, led by Chief Bug, the ugliest of them all.
Chief BugThe ugliest of the uglies.
Scout BlinkKeeps an eye out for danger.
BlurpCan't help poking his nose in.
BlarfA vampire of the mini kind.
BoikGets the hump about his looks.
BurgWould give his eye teeth to be beautiful.
BogThe terror from Transylvania.

The Greedies
They found the perfect place under the fridge, where chief Glonk and his tribe can really tuck in.
Chief GlonkNever leaves the dinner table.
Scout GloubHe is always looking for a snack.
Spy GlupHe's the burger burglar.
Messenger GunkMakes a meal of everything.
GurgPrefers double helpings.
GlerpDoesn't waste time chewing his food.
GulpIs always snacking.
GrolThe master pasta eater.
GlobMakes himself a snack.

The Jokers (later called The Perilous Pranksters)
They live under the stairs and are full of mischief, but their jokes usually back-fire on them. They are led by chief Prog, who keeps some form of order with a catapult.
Chief ProgA mean shot with his catapult.
Scout PerlokIs all clued up to crack the case.
Spy ProdTells a tale of disaster.
Messenger PardKeeps it all bottled up.
PeltCan hammer home a point.
PrangHis plans always go with a bang.
PorgAlways makes a splash.
PligHas a surprise in store.
PoigIs always getting himself into trouble.
PlagAn experienced explosives expert.
PurgScares his friends with his ghostly gags.
PerkTurns pale at the sight of water.

The Rude Dudes
They are noted for their disgusting or rude behaviour, where else would they live but under the toilet.
Chief SmogLikes to set a rude example.
Scout StarfHe likes his camera because he knows its rude to stare.
Spy SprigHis manners leave much to be desired.
Messenger StickIs always ready to lend a hand.
SpewYou cant take him anywhere.
StogPicking his nose is his favourite habit.
StrollNever gets picked for a welcoming party.
SpoiletGets things wrapped round his neck.
SplangDon't introduce him to your granny.

The Tough Guys
They live in the garden and are not really as tough as they look, although Chief Krusha would have you believe otherwise.
Chief KrushaThe grisly gladiator.
Scout KlokHas an axe to grind with people who cross his path.
Spy KlabHe's as hard as nails.
Messenger KikCan deliver a cutting remark.
KugThe legendary pirate of the high seas.
KillaThe undefeated boxing champion.
KlangThe savage samurai.
KurgIs always muscling in.
Chief KarfIs menacing & he means it.

The Army Guys
They fought their way to the garage where chief Furg and his tribe ward off all enemies.
Chief FurgThe bandit in a bandana.
Scout FloukAlways on the lookout for action.
Spy FlarpA crack shot and never misses.
Messenger FlareHas plenty to shout about.
FlakThe troublesome trouble-shooter.
FlerkHe's a military maniac.
FlingKnown for dropping bombshells.
FrolFights a good fight & always wins.

The Disgustings
Chief Drox led his tribe to the most disgusting of places, the dustbin.
Chief DroxHe's a sight for sore eyes.
Scout DroupLikes to look for leftovers.
DrilHe has the most disgusting habits.
DinoHas friends for dinner from time to time.
DrakGives himself a splitting headache.
DurdYou'll find him tongue tied.
DwizIs so vain he has a crush on himself.

The Medievals
They unearthed a home in the Attic where Chief Mogg and his tribe keep guard.
Chief MoggNot a knight to remember.
Scout MorsWill take a stab at anything.
Spy MinxReeks havoc on his enemies.
Messenger MurgHe's an archer of note.
MaxeGives everyone the chop.
MaceIs heading for trouble.
MordIs hooked on danger.
MaddIs as mad as a hatter.

The Prehistorics
They unearthed a home in the cellar where chief Dred and his tribe hold fort.
Chief DredIs ahead of his time.
Scout DinkThings are looking up for him.
Spy DorkIs a bit of a bird brain.
Messenger DratHe'll double cross you.
DimmHas very sharp hearing.
DinoHas a bone to pick.
DunkChops everyone down to size.
DentWill have a bash at anything.

The Samurai
They are so special that they only come in neon colours.
Chief YuckWatch out for his Samurai antlers - they're sharp.
Scout YellWill make you scream when he gets you with his pincers.
Spy YakPasses messages through his Samurai mouth guard.
Messenger YumWill eat anything that's going.
YenHas a thirst for those sticky Samurai situations.
YuleWill claw his way out of trouble.
YarnWill put you off guard with his tales and yarns.
YelpArmoured and ready for battle.

The Rare Dudes - Series 1
They are a motley assortment who are very difficult to find. Chief Drox and Scout Droup are even rarer as they are not engraved.
Other Chiefs are engraved with a crown and scouts with an envelope. Apart from that all guys from the Rare Dudes also appear in other tribes. Right now I don't know if the rare dudes really differ.
Chief DroxHe's a sight for sore eyes.
Scout DroupLikes to look for leftovers.
Spy GlupHe's the burger burglar.
Messenger StickIs always ready to lend a hand.
GulpIs always snacking.
TangWill never loose his bottle.
DrakGives himself a splitting headache.
TellIs often used for target practice.

The Cool Dudes
The eight Cool Dudes were released as Kellogg's Frosties Cereal Premiums in England and are smaller than the other Mini Boglins! The figures were available in six neon colors: yellow, blue, pink, green, orange, and dull red, as well as gold. Only Cool, Chill, and Chump were released in gold as a "limited edition" of 10.000 figures.
CoolThe Pack Leader.
ChillKeeps cold but never looks cool.
ChumpEven melts when his ice cream melts.
ClakGets swamped with daft ideas.
ClotHe thinks he looks great.
ConeNeeds help at meal times.
CrokSpills drink at the double.
ConkHe's really nosey.

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