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Vielen Dank an alle, die zum Gelingen dieser Seiten beigetragen haben: Thanks to all who contributed to the success of these pages:
Star Wars:
Paolo P. for his outstanding contribution to the Italian section.
Christoph Schaar for his info and pictures of Spanish items.
Huub Packbier for lots of info and pictures of European Star Wars cards and stickers.
Miguel Ángel Domínguez Reyes and to his friends David Gonzalez and Rufino Azorí for their outstanding contribution to the Spanish Star Wars section.
Gerhard Trebbin for scans of all those great old Kenner dealer catalogues and European ads.
Marino Arribas for lots of info and pictures of Star Wars promotions in Spain.
Pepe for the pictures from all those vintage Star Wars Kenner toys from Spain.
Renaud Deschamps for the French Han Stormtrooper flyers.
special thanks to: Chris Fawcett, Gus Lopez, Martin Thurn, Paul Levesque, Richard Cox, Steve Sansweet, and all the other sharing their Star Wars collectors knowledge.
Comic Statues:
Ultra Comix a great comic store in Nuremberg, where I had the possibility to take a lot of pictures of statues.
special thanks to: Attakus and Hardhero for the info on their statues.
Little Rubber Guys:
Scott Andrew Hutchins for the great Monster In My Pocket info and pics.
Andrew Sylvester for the great Monster In My Pocket info and pics.
Dave Van Domelen for the Decoys info and pics.

Wolfgang Schloegl