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Star Wars Action Figure Store Display from Germany 1983/84. Made of plastic with a cardboard backing board that shows the Falcon and a Tie Fighter in front of the Death Star. The display base is 36" x 20" and board is 36" x 26" . There are 15 figures with weapons, and 3 Mini Rigs. Darth Vader, Emperor. 2 Royal Gurad, Weequay, Rancor Keeper, B-Wing Pilot, Leia Battle Poncho, Chief Chirpa, Logray. Teebo, Wicket, Gamorrean Guard and Rebel Commando. Plus a Endor Forest Ranger, ISP-6 and Desert Sail Skiff. On the first picture there is a Speederbike with driver insted of the ISP-6. So there might be different versions of this display. Figures and vehicles are held by screws.

Description: Mike Stannard, Wolfgang Schloegl
Photos: Ebay
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