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Similar to the small catalog with prototype figures there also exists a larger (perhaps DIN A4 sized) catalog with the same toys. The third page also has a nice shot of the Krieg der Sterne Kenner figures case/display. It seems to be a dealers catalog as it has the prices for the cases listed. This catalog is much more rare than the small one. I have only seen these pictures once from an auction, I have not seen one of the catalogs in reality up to now. Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures (ea. 200KB+).

kat01_d.jpg kat02_d.jpg kat03_d.jpg
kat04_d.jpg kat05_d.jpg kat06_d.jpg
kat07_d.jpg kat08_d.jpg

Description: Wolfgang Schloegl
Photos: Ulrich Wagner found them on Ebay
From the collection of -

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