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Created by Wolfgang Schloegl ( E-Mail ) Updated Feb 14 2013

The term Power of the Force was not widely recognized in Germany in 1985. The "last 17" figures did not introduce the POTF card with collectors coin but, as all over Europe, were available on tri-logo cards. But the term "Power of the Force" appeared in a German translation, too. Parker, the distributor of the Kenner toys in Germany, in 1985 sold sets with already released toys/figures in "Die Kraft der Macht" package for a special price. These were the only packages that had a Power of the Force logo solely in German. Only SW/ESB/ROTJ toys/figures were sold in this package, probably to sell off stock.

The German Kenner/Parker dealers catalog from 1985 listed these vehicles and figures sets as special offers. Besides the Speeder Bike all vehicles sets had Mini-Rigs or accessories in their boxes. The figures in the vehicles packs are not always the ones listed in the dealer catalogs but have some kind of association to the Mini-Rigs and accessories .

Collectors remark: The glueing method that was used to attach the bubbles to the cards seems not to be long-lasting. Many sets show separating of bubble and card often without any damage to the cardboard. The sets themselves are very rare and it's even harder to find one with still perfectly attached bubble. An exception seems to the Speeder Bike set where separating does not occur that easily.

"Die Kraft der Macht" Vehicles Sets:

Catalog no.VehicleCatalog picture / informationKnown sets
Set D, Item # 260146 (1320)Radar Laser Cannon no picture

Luke Hoth, Han Hoth (on flyer)

AT-AT Driver, Nien Nunb
Luke Hoth, Han Hoth
Set E, Item # 260147 (1321)Tri-Pod Laser Cannon
Stormtrooper, Lando Calrissian

Imperial Stormtrooper (1458), Emperor's Royal Guard (on flyer)

Emperor's Royal Guard, AT-AT Driver
Photo: Lars König
Set F, Item # 260148 (1322)Vehicle Maintenance Energizer no picture

Chewbacca, AT-AT Driver (on flyer)

AT-AT Driver, Admiral Ackbar
Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian
Photo: Lars König
Set G a, Item # 260151 (1323)Speeder Bike
Chief Chirpa, Biker Scout

Chief Chirpa, Biker Scout
Set G b, Item # 260151 (1323)Speeder Bike no picture

Biker Scout, Luke Skywalker (1480) (on flyer)

(different bubble)
AT-AT-Driver, Biker Scout
Photo: Lars König
Set H, Item # 260152 (1324)Ewok Catapult no picture

Logray, Chief Chirpa (on flyer)

Logray, Chief Chirpa
Photo: Vectis Auctions
Set I, Item # 260157 (1325)Desert Sail Skiff no picture

Kaatu (1423), Bobe Fett (on flyer)

Klaatu, Klaatu Skiff Guard
Set J, Item # 260153 (1326)AST-5
Klaatu, Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna, Klaatu (1489) (on flyer)

Klaatu, Bib Fortuna
Photo: Vectis Auctions
Set K, Item # 260154 (1327)ISP-6
Lobot, Darth Vader
Darth Vader, Emperor's Royal Guard

Darth Vader, Emperor's Royal Guard
Photo: unknown
Set L, Item # 260155 (1328)MTV-7 no picture

Imperial Stormtrooper (1458),
Imperial Commander (on flyer)

Imperial Stormtrooper Hoth Battle Gear,
Imperial Commander
Photo: Vectis Auctions
Set M, Item # 260156 (1329)MLC-3 no picture

Luke Skywalker (1475), Lando Calrissian (on flyer)

Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear, Lando Calrissian
Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear, Luke Bespin
Photo: Vectis Auctions
Set N, Item # 260149 (1330)INT-4
AT-ST Pilot, Leia Hoth
AT-ST Driver, AT-AT Driver (on flyer)
no picture so far
Set O, Item # 260150 (1331)CAP-2
Rebel Commander, Dengar
Bossk, Rebel Commander (on flyer)

Bossk, Chewbacca
Photo: Vectis Auctions

"Die Kraft der Macht" figures sets:

The figures sets included three carded figures wrapped in cardboard. According to the dealer advertising flyer the packs had movie themes:

  • SW - Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo
  • ESB - Stormtrooper, Luke X-Wing Pilot, AT-AT Commander
  • ROTJ - Rancor Keeper, Emperor, Han Trenchcoat
  • Ewocks - Chief Chirpa, Logray, Wicket

  • The advertising flyer explicitly lists these sets but actually the sets had different assortments. It can be observed though that in general they contain figures only from one of the movies so the theme character was followed as described. A set that comes with the same characters more often is the Ewocks set with Wicket, Logray and Chief Chirpa.
    The 1985 Kenner Parker catalog shows 12 different figures sets as an example for one case assortment (12 sets, Item # 260145). PIC

    Collectors remark: The figures occure on ROTJ or tri-logo cards.

    Set of three Ewoks
    Set of AT-ST Driver, Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett

    Besides of the dealers catalog there also exists a flyer advertising for these packs:
    Flyer Front, Flyer Back

    Description: Wolfgang Schloegl
    Photos: Gerhart Trebbin, Wolfgang Schloegl, Ebay
    From the collection of Wolfgang Schloegl

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